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Are Quaker Kids Organic products Gluten Free?

While Quaker Kids Organic isn’t gluten free, we do offer gluten-free products including our Large Rice Cakes, Rice Crisps, Gluten-Free Quick 1-Minute, ... Read More


How many Quaker Kids Organic products & flavors are there?

There are two bites flavors and two bars flavors:

Whole Grain Bars: Chocolate & Strawberry
Whole Grain Bites: Blueberry & Strawberry

For more info, please log onto our website:  https://www.quakeroats.com/products/kids.aspx 


How does Quaker Kids Organic differ from Chewy products?

As the trusted leader in oats for over 140 years, we continue to innovate to meet evolving consumer lifestyles and find new ways to deliver products ... Read More


Are the Oat Beverage bottles recyclable? Are they BPA Free?

We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our environmental impact across our manufacturing and distribution network and processes. We are proud that Oat Beverage bottles are made from 100% recycled content, are recyclable and are BPA free.


What is the serving size for Oat Beverage?

The serving size for Oat Beverage is 8 ounces.


Where in the store can you find Oat Beverage?

Oat Beverage will be available January 2019 and will be available in the refrigerated dairy alternative sections at retailers nationwide.


Can you use Oat Beverage to make oatmeal?

Yes, you can use Oat Beverage to make delicious oatmeal.


Can I freeze Oat Beverage?

It is safe to freeze Oat Beverage. However, doing so will change the texture of the product and may not return to the original texture. Therefore, we do not recommend freezing Oat Beverage.


Can you enjoy Oat Beverage warm/can you cook with it?

Yes, you can cook with Oat Beverage, we put Oat Beverage through many rigorous tests to ensure that the final product would be optimal for consuming chilled or heated.


Can you use Oat Beverage in recipes that call for milk?

Oat Beverage tastes great in a variety of recipes. However, changes to the amount of Oat Beverage needed in a recipe that calls for milk may need to ... Read More

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