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Can I submit my suggestion or idea? What is your policy on accepting these ideas?

Per our policy we do not accept unsolicited ideas. PepsiCo does, however, encourage feedback from our consumers, including suggestions, which we do on ... Read More


How does PepCoin work?

  1. Buy any participating specially marked single-serve 20oz bottle AND a single-serve Frito Lay product
  2. Scan or enter the under-the-cap code on beverages
... Read More


I'm having issues with PepCoin

Please reach out to our team at 800-332-1741 or Support@PepCoin.com. They will be able to assist you further!


What is PepsiCo's strategy to improve the packaging and plastics that it uses?

PepsiCo is working to radically reinvent packaging and the plastics we use in order to help us fully realize our Sustainable Packaging Vision. We are ... Read More


What is PepsiCo's strategy to reduce the plastic that it uses in its packaging?

We strive to design all of our packaging to achieve the optimum results with the least possible material used. Reducing the volume of plastics that we ... Read More


What is the How2Recycle labeling system?

How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. It involves a coalition of forward ... Read More


How is PepsiCo addressing the issue of plastic packaging waste?

PepsiCo has long worked to address the growing issue of plastic packaging waste in our communities and marine environments, particularly in developing ... Read More


How do I sell PepsiCo products?

We're thrilled you want to join the PepsiCo family! To learn more on how you can become a valued customer, please visit ... Read More


Many of your actions apply to just one or a few markets. What is your plan to roll out these initiatives across the world/in my market?

Our sustainable packaging vision sets out PepsiCo’s global framework for building a world in which plastics need never become waste. PepsiCo ... Read More


How do I apply for a job at PepsiCo?

To apply for a job at PepsiCo, head to www.PepsiCoJobs.com, our all-inclusive stop for job searching, résumé submissions and more

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