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Do you have any current promotions I can enter?

  • Lay's Poppables and DreamWorks Trolls World Tour is inviting fans to pop and rock for the chance to win by entering at
... Read More


Are your snacks still good beyond the date on the front of the bag?

Beyond the freshness date, snacks may lose their crispness and optimal flavor. Check out this graphic for more information. ... Read More


If I am a retail customer needing service and delivery, who do I contact?

If you have an existing retail account with Frito-Lay, please submit your question through the form here with your name, store name, address, phone ... Read More


How do I get coupons for Frito-Lay snacks?

Although we don’t always have coupons to send upon request, be sure to check store circulars for special sales, and Like us on Facebook to get news ... Read More


How can I submit my idea to Frito-Lay?

Do you have an idea you’d like to share with our team?  Click here to make a suggestion.


Does Frito-Lay do any sponsorships or donations?

As you might expect, we receive a large number of donation inquiries every day. With so many worthwhile causes, we’re unable to accommodate every ... Read More


How do I set up a Frito-Lay retail account?

For information about setting up a Frito-Lay retail account, please call 1-888-600-6620 or visit our Snacks to You website here.


As a consumer, can I buy snacks directly from Frito-Lay?

We don’t sell directly to consumers, but our products are available through various retailers including warehouse and club stores.  Additionally, many of our products are available through various online retailers here.


Where can I find out about jobs at Frito-Lay?

Career opportunities for hourly roles at our manufacturing facilities can be found at www.fritolayemployment.com, while opportunities for corporate ... Read More


Why is the dip watery?

Dips can turn watery if food, such as chips or vegetables like carrots and celery, is being dipped directly into the container and then refrigerated and re-opened for later use.

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