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Do you have any breakfast or brunch recipes using Tropicana Orange Juice?

Of course, we always love recipes that include Tropicana Orange Juice! See below for some of our favorites:

... Read More


What is Tropicana Kids?

Tropicana Kids is a mix of organic fruit juice made from real fruit and filtered water, offering an excellent source of vitamin C without added ... Read More


How many oranges does it take to make a 52 oz bottle of juice?

There are 14 oranges in a 52 oz bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice.


Will Tropicana donate to or sponsor my organization?

Donations & Sponsorship

Tropicana believes that it is our responsibility to support, improve and give back to the communities where our major ... Read More


Are the caps to your plastic bottle recyclable?

Below is a list of our caps and their recycling number. Please check with your local recycler to see if they are accepted. Bottles - 12 oz & 52 oz ... Read More


How are probiotics beneficial to me? Is daily consumption of probiotics necessary to receive benefits? How do they work?

Probiotics are good for your gut! They boost your body’s natural microbiome and may aid in the breakdown of non-digestible components of your diet to ... Read More


You now have a clear bottle. Doesn't light degrade the Vitamin C content in juice?

This will not be a problem with our clear containers. The smaller sizes (12 oz; 52 oz) have a UV inhibitor to deter vitamin C degradation. The larger ... Read More


Is Tropicana Kids healthy for kids?

Tropicana Kids provdies 100% of the vitamin C kids need. Most kids do not get enough fruit in their diet. While we do not claim to be a replacement ... Read More


When will the new 52oz bottles be available?

Tropicana’s conversion to 52oz bottles began in June 2018.


What specific changes were made to the 52 oz bottle?

While the depth of the bottle has decreased, the height and width remain the same.

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