Will Tropicana donate to or sponsor my organization?

Donations & Sponsorship

Tropicana believes that it is our responsibility to support, improve and give back to the communities where our major facilities are located.

Employee Volunteers & Giving

The Company encourages community involvement by employees through volunteerism and Financial contributions. The PepsiCo Foundation generously matches employee contributions $1/$1 through the Matching Gift Program and double matches monetary contributions of regular Full-time employees if they provide continuous, on-going volunteer services to the recipient organization.

Requests for Sponsorship

We recognize there are many worthwhile organizations and causes to support however, we are unable to assist with all projects. We are not able to fund every request submitted. Our mission is to provide meaningful support to educational programs in communities where we have facilities.

All requests must include the name of the non-profit organization, an overview of your program, and documentation of your organizations IRS 501(c)3 status. All requests that meet these guidelines will be reviewed by Tropicana’s Contributions Committee and you will receive a response via email. Because of the large number of requests we receive, all requests must be submitted through this website at least 4 weeks before your event. Incomplete requests cannot be considered.

If your organization is based on California, Florida, or New Jersey, please send us your request and any supporting documentation to: Tropicana.ContributionsCommittee@tropicana.com.

We appreciate your interest in Tropicana.
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