How is PepsiCo addressing the issue of plastic packaging waste?

PepsiCo has long worked to address the growing issue of plastic packaging waste in our communities and marine environments, particularly in developing countries, with the utmost seriousness and urgency. We recognize the significant role we play in changing the way society makes, uses, and disposes of plastics, and aspire to build a world where plastics need never become waste.

Through our sustainable plastics vision, we are reducing the volume of plastic packaging we use across our product portfolio, working to make 100% of our packaging recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025, and reinventing how we deliver products to consumers, including by looking Beyond the Bottle to offer beverages without single-use plastic. We are also one of the largest purchasers of recycled plastic in the world, and have committed to using 25% recycled content globally and 50% in the EU by 2030. And we would buy more if it were available. This is one reason why PepsiCo has invested more than $50 million dollars over the past year in collaborative initiatives to boost recycling rates, especially in developing and emerging countries.

But, we recognize the need to do more. PepsiCo has elevated its participation in cross-industry and NGO initiatives, such as The New Plastics Economy, World Economic Forum, and The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and we always welcome constructive dialogue with organizations committed to addressing the plastics waste crisis. We look forward to engaging directly with Tearfund and with Sir David Attenborough on the issues raised in this report.
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