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What is the shelf life of IZZE Beverages?

IZZE Sparkling Juice beverages have a nine month shelf life and although they're not harmful if consumed after this date, we don't recommend doing so since they contain juice.


What are the “natural flavors” on your ingredient list?

Natural flavorings are extracts, essences, or essential oils derived from various plant material such as spices, fruit, or fruit juice. Combining ... Read More


Where do the sugars and carbohydrates on the label come from?

Fruit contains fructose (a type of sugar) and carbohydrates, and since IZZE Sparkling Juice beverages are made with fruit juice, it contains them too. The sugars/carbohydrates in IZZE Sparkling Juice beverages are naturally occurring.


Where can I send you a letter?

IZZE Beverage Company
PO Box 1986
Horsham, PA 19044-9467


Does IZZE do any sponsorships or donations?

As a corporate neighbor, we recognize there are many worthwhile organizations and causes to support. We appreciate your interest and apologize that ... Read More


Are there any preservatives in IZZE products?

IZZE Sparkling Juice Beverages do not contain preservatives. Citric acid is added for taste/tartness and is not added for the purposes of preserving the beverage.


What is IZZE?

IZZE Sparkling Juice beverages are a blend of 70% fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water that contain no added sugar or preservatives. The sugar in IZZE Sparkling Juice beverages is from the fruit juice only.


When was your company founded?

IZZE was founded in 2002 by two friends in Boulder, Colorado who set out to create a distinctive beverage using simple and quality ingredients.


What does the date on your packaging mean?

All of our packages have a “Best Taste Date” stamped on the neck of the bottles or on the bottom of the cans. We recommend drinking our products by this date to ensure that they're consumed at their absolute best flavor.


Does IZZE send out coupons, samples or have a mailing list?

While we're unable to offer you these items at this time, check out our Instagram page and "Like" us on Facebook for news on any special promotions or offers we may have.

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