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Is there a lot of sodium in Gatorade?

Unlike sedentary consumers who are warned by experts to reduce sodium intake, athletes need to consume enough sodium to replace the significant amounts they lose in sweat. Of all the electrolytes lost in sweat, sodium is lost in the greatest amount and is the KEY electrolyte to replace during and after activity, particularly when exercising in the heat.

Sodium helps encourage drinking and enables the body to better retain fluid and support fluid balance. Adequate sodium concentration promotes successful rehydrate after exercise. Research shows that a typical athlete or active person can easily lose a quart (32 oz.) or more of sweat per hour and can lose more than 920 mg of sodium per quart of sweat (2.3 g NaCl).

Athletes and active people who are sweating a lot should look for sports drinks that contain an effective amount of sodium to aid the rehydration process. We know from extensive research that a sports drink containing at least 100 mg of sodium per eight ounces improves hydration and that during prolonged training and competition, many athletes can benefit from even more.

The Institute of Medicine and 2007 ACSM position stand recommend 20-30 mEq/L (460-690 mg/L) sodium and 2-5 mEq/L (78-195 mg/L) potassium – Gatorade Thirst Quencher, G2 and Gatorade Zero meet these recommended ranges.
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