Which Frito-Lay snacks do not contain animal enzymes or flavors?

The snacks on our kosher list are free of animal enzymes and flavors. Click here to view our U.S. Products Certified Kosher - Orthodox Union list and our U.S. Products Certified Kosher - Triangle K list.

Many of the cheeses in our seasonings are made with animal enzymes, similar to cheeses sold in the grocery store. If you want to avoid these enzymes, you might want to avoid our snacks that list "cheese" as an ingredient. Only a few snacks have animal flavors and they will be listed on the ingredient statement, not hidden under "natural flavors."

Very few of our cheese seasonings are made with porcine (pig) enzymes.  For those who wish to avoid these enzymes, we have a list of "Products Made without Porcine Enzymes" available here.

Our non-seasoned, salted-only snacks, such as Lay's Classic, Ruffles Original, Fritos Original, Santitas, Tostitos, SunChips Original and Rold Gold Pretzels, do not have animal enzymes of any kind.
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