Aren’t your snacks high in sodium?

Our chips have less salt than you might think! The sodium per serving in our chips is actually comparable to - or less than - the amount found in foods like bread and crackers. With chips, the salt is on the surface of the snack, so it’s the first thing your tongue tastes. With other foods, like crackers, the savory taste isn’t as strong since the salt is mixed into the dough before baking. For example, a 1oz serving of Lay’s Classic potato chips contains 170 mg of sodium, which is less than the amount of sodium in a 1oz serving of wheat crackers.**

** Lay’s® Classic potato chips contain 170 mg of sodium per 1oz serving; wheat crackers contain 195 mg sodium per 1 oz serving.   Reference amount of sodium in wheat crackers 234 mg/34 g from USDA item #18232, available at: 
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