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What are the three ways to hydrate using Drinkfinity Pods?

Drinkfinity Pods offer three different ways to hydrate:

Our Electrolyte Pods, Cucumber Coconut Water, Mango Coconut Water, and Watermelon Lemonade
... Read More


Does my order qualify for free shipping?

All orders above $35.00 qualify for free shipping.


How do I ensure my bottle is completely sealed?

Align the two closed dots on bottle cap, the colored inner silicone should not be visible -- bottle cap is secure. Align two closed dots with the Drinkfinity logo to ensure bottle cap, bottle neck, and bottle body are sealed.


Can Drinkfinity products be shipped to my country?

Drinkfinity products are currently only available for purchase in the US. Our product can be shipped to all states with the exclusion of Alaska, ... Read More


How do I set up my account?

Once you have accessed the Drinkfinity website click on account in the upper right hand corner, this will take you to a new page. Click “Create ... Read More


How do I subscribe?

Subscriptions ensure you never run low on your favorite Pods – and they save you money, too! With our flexible subscription plans you can opt to ... Read More


What is Inulin from Chicory Root Extract?

 Inulin is an extract derived from the chicory plant, is somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the dandelion family Asteraceae, usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink.


Do the Drinkfinity Pods meet the Daily Nutritional Values (% DV) recommended in the U.S.?

To learn more about nutritional and ingredient information, please visit https://www.drinkfinity.com/pods.html


Are Drinkfinity products tested on animals?

Drinkfinity products are never tested on animals.


Where is the bottle made?

The bottle was designed in Miami, Florida and is manufactured using premium materials and to the highest quality standards.

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