How do I subscribe?

Our subscription plans ensure you never run low on your favorite pods - and they save you money, too! We’ve broken down all of our subscription information below:  

Pod Subscription Plans:

Taste ‘em all Subscription Plan
With our Taste ‘em all Subscription Plan, the first box you’ll receive is a trial kit at 50% off. It contains one Vessel and 3 unique Pod Packs. After your first box, you’ll receive an assortment of 16 Pods every month - with an exclusive 15% discount and free shipping.

Eco Taste ‘em all Subscription Plan
We also have an Eco option that ships every other month with 32 pods instead of just 16. With this plan, you get an exclusive 25% discount on each shipment + free shipping. You’ll also help the planet by consolidating shipments and choosing this eco-friendly option.

Subscribe & Save
If you already know your favorite pods, you can opt for the Subscribe & Save plan. Choose any 4+ pod packs to save 10% and get free monthly shipping. You can edit the contents and quantities of your plan at any time.

Managing your Subscription:

You can skip, change, or cancel your subscription at any time – no strings attached. Just log in to your Drinkfinity account, find the applicable subscription in your "Orders" section, and edit or cancel your subscription from there.

Billing for subscriptions occurs according to the frequency of your installments - your credit card will be charged when your next installment has been created (every 28 or 56 days).
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